Art Fix: Francis Bacon piece sells for $142.4 Million


So...this is what the most expensive piece of art ever sold at an auction looks like. This 1969 triptych by Francis Bacon went for $142.4 million dollars at Christie's in NYC last night. Crazy.

 From the NY Times:

When the bidding for “Three Studies of Lucian Freud” finally stopped, after more than 10 fraught minutes, the overflowing crowd in the salesroom burst into applause. Two disappointed bidders could be seen leaving the room. “I went to $101 million but it hardly mattered,” said Larry Gagosian, the super-dealer who was trying to buy the painting on behalf of a client. Another contender was Hong Gyu Shin, the director of the Shin Gallery on Grand Street in Manhattan, who said he was bidding for himself.

Play money! 

-Black Girl.



Art Fix: Afrika Bambaataa


Afrika Bambaataa by John Owens


Clouds // Rick Ross, Miguel, Pusha-T & Curren$y - Produced by DJ Drama

Really digging this piece by John Owens. Dopeness.

-Black Girl.


Mara Brock Akil's "Black Girls Rock" Speech 

Absolutely loved Mara's acceptance speech. So very well said! I have nothing to add. Just watch. :-)




Too Much // Drake

I live for those moments when I uncover a song that echoes my sentiments.  I don't even need to write much for this post because all you have to do is listen.  It’s crazy how an art form that was created for the purpose of self-expression and entertainment can make you feel like the person who wrote it took a trip inside your mind, pitched camp, and extracted your thoughts and words verbatim; only their delivery is so much more colorful over cadence, tone, and melody. Proof that even if we've never met and are worlds apart, we are still somehow connected through any given art form and our own personal experiences. 

I don't have a whole lot to say at the moment, only that the book is coming in 2014 and I'm really excited about it! I think you guys will fall in love the main character, Brianna, as you follow her through the course of her early life. Getting to know her and her story will hopefully inspire you to remain true to your own story, your own craft, and your own dreams.  

Talk soon.

-Black Girl.